Beginners Guide for Local SEO

To start things off, don’t establish an online business if you can’t promote it the way it should be. There’s no point in having a store that provides the best quality products if no one can find them. It’s just hard work gone to waste. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your key to reaching more people online and making sales.

In the world of online marketing, everything is about gaining exposure and fame. Everyone is competing to become the top well-known brand in the market, which means you need to be ready to compete. You don’t need to worry about street marketing and signage anymore because online digital marketing is cheaper. Especially if you’re relying on a thing called SEO, you might not need a budget after all. You can manage your marketing strategy independently or rely on an agency that can do it all for you.

In this article, we’re going to give you a guide on how to use SEO.

What’s This Thing Called SEO?

Search Engine Optimization uses optimal content and interesting headlines to get more clicks on Google’s search engine. You also use SEO to rank higher and appear among the top results when searching for something related to your site. The technique behind this is simple to explain but not easy to implement. Basically, it’s all about choosing the right keywords that people are using. For instance, if you’re a digital marketing agency, then the phrase “digital marketing services” or “digital advertising company” could be some keywords you can use for your SEO. By inserting these words into your content, you can start ranking higher on Google’s search results.

The SEO game is all about convincing Google that your website should be considered in the top 10 results. Establishing well-written and high-value content on your website pages plays a huge part in this industry. Google will start seeing you pop up more on the radar and start increasing your ranking with the more clicks you get. However, SEO is not just all about written content and inserting keywords. There’s also a backlinking technique that’s essential in increasing your rank. The process behind that is posting your link on other related websites to gain more exposure. This will increase site visits and, in terms will increase your Google rank.

Still, it’s not that easy to implement, for SEO takes time and patience for results to appear. If you don’t have the patience, then SEO isn’t for you.

SEO Guide for Newbies

This guide here is for people wanting to enhance their ranking on Google by using SEO. If you want to start optimizing your content and ranking higher on Google, this is the best way to start. Some SEO agencies can take over this process and provide you with the needed results. However, you can still keep that extra penny in your pocket and do it yourself with this simple guide.

  • Research and Then Research Some More:

This guide is about the steps you need to take for organizing your SEO strategy. It does require some hard work at the beginning, but it’s all downhill from there afterward. You need to take the time and start researching your competitors. Find out what kind of content they are writing, who’s writing it, and how well they are writing them. You should also check where they’re getting their backlinks because backlinking is essential, as we explained before.

You can manually do this kind of research by visiting your competitor’s websites and analyzing what they have. You could save time and use SEO tools that do all that analysis for you, but you might need to pay for using this software and tools. If you have the extra money for it, then go for it because the results are very efficient. 

  • Gather Some Keywords and Pick a Bunch

Keyword research is the second step in your SEO journey. Finding out which keywords fit your business best will take time to gather. However, the more keywords you obtain, the more options you have to choose from. This will help you in the future, for some words have many high competitions that you might need to change later. As long as you have a large stash of keywords, your plan B is bulletproof.

Finding keywords is easy. There are two ways you can search for these iconic triggers. The easiest way is to use an SEO tool that generates words according to the topic. It will also show you the volume, difficulty, and rank for each word. Another way is to go on each of your competitor’s websites and determine their commonly used keywords for the topics and landing pages you want to rank on. Usually, they highlight their primary keywords in bold, which makes them easier to find. Gather those words and move on to the next step.

Important Note: If you want to prevail and rank high on the keywords you’ve chosen, make sure you’re not competing with businesses that have higher domain authority than you do. It’s better to compete with websites with either the same or very close authority as you do. Otherwise, you won’t be able to increase your ranking, and you’ll remain on the dark side of Google’s result pages. 

  • Create Your Content:

After you’ve done all of your research, you can now start with writing your content. You have two types of content to write. The first one is the landing pages of your website, which are the pages that showcase your products and services. Use the keywords that are best fitted for the page you’re writing for. Also, you need to be careful not to just stuff keywords all the time because that will decrease your ranking on Google. If your page is 1000-1500 words, mention your key phrase 6 to 8 times. These rules also apply to the second style of writing, which are blogs and articles.

When writing a blog for your blog section, you must choose eye-catching titles with the keyword in there. You want people to click instantly on your link just because the title meets their expectations. Then, you need to write complete and valuable content on the topics you choose. Providing accurate and interesting information will keep your audience hooked and might get you a recommendation from readers.

Seeing what your high-ranked competitors are writing about can give you an idea of what important headlines to use. You can compare the same topic among different websites to see what they have in common.

Important Note: the formatting of your writing should apply to these rules:

  • Make sure you have at least an “H1” heading style in your content.
  • Don’t exceed 300 words in each heading or sub-heading.
  • Make sure your primary keyword is mentioned in the first paragraph of your introduction.
  • Mention your keywords naturally in the content of your writing.
  • Use Google My Business

If you haven’t noticed this before, Google suggests map locations for stores and other facilities that offer the type of service someone is searching for. You, too, can be part of that search list if you create your own Google My Business account. It’s very simple to sign up and provide the information you want to be showcased in your account. Ensure you provide accurate information of your street address, phone number, business hours, and other related info.

This step will help get you more clicks and will increase your business’s awareness. It will also increase trust and loyalty among your clients.

  • The linking Process:

All of the steps mentioned above are crucial in increasing your Google rank. However, the real atomic bomb that will blow your ranking through the roof is the backlinking process. You post your website’s link and how many backlinks you create are the essence of SEO success. Finding out where to post or add your listings is a piece of cake. All you have to do is check where your competitors are getting links and use the websites for your own. However, you need to make sure that you’re not competing with websites with a higher domain authority than you do.

Finding out how many backlinks you should create can also be determined by how many your competitors have. Using SEO tools can do that job for you and provide you with all the statistics and analysis you require. 

  • Get Some Reviews

Having people reviewing your business will have Google believing you have a legit company. To get these reviews, you need to list your business on review websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and more. Use a call to action to ask people to review your products or services. By doing so, you will increase brand awareness and rank higher on Google as well.

This tactic can also act as your free feedback gatherer. By getting more reviews, you’ll be able to know exactly what your audience thinks about your product or service. You can then improve and make the necessary adjustment to meet your consumer’s expectations.

  • Track Your Results and Keep Optimizing Your SEO

You need to be patient because SEO results don’t appear overnight. They take time, depending on your website and the number of backlinks you’ve added. It might take up to 6 months to see the first results of your page ranking increasing. Still, all websites don’t need to witness results in the first 6 months after optimization.

In the meantime, you should keep on optimizing now and then and repeat the same steps mentioned above for all the pages you have on your site. The more you do, the higher domain authority you’ll gain in the process. 

Don’t Get Your Hands Dirty.

Starting a business from scratch has its ups and downs, especially when you’re doing it on a budget. Promoting your brand through Google’s search engine is hard work; we’ll tell you that. That’s why you can leave the dirty work to us at Maxart while you attend to more important matters concerning your business.

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