How SEO Can Improve Conversion Rate on eCommerce Websites?

Selling online has been doing wonders for a lot of entrepreneurs these days. However, it isn’t doing much for you lately. Is it because of your products? Do you have any issues with the quality of them? Actually, it’s not production-related. It’s rather related to your technical SEO strategy.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, SEO plays a huge role in your conversion process on your eCommerce website. Providing and showcasing your product online won’t obtain those sales you’ve been striving for. That’s why there are a few things you should consider when showcasing your products or services. 

SE What Now?

Even though this article isn’t focused on the steps of performing technical SEO, it’s still a good idea to give an overview.

SEO is the reason for most website’s great reputations. It’s the backbone for each company’s awareness. When you search for a certain product, service, or anything at all on Google, the first-page result is usually the best suggestion you get. How did these websites gain this rank on Google is what SEO is all about. The secret behind ranking on the top of Google’s search results lies in a few factors like using the right keywords and optimizing your website. It’s very important that your website is fully operational when you implement these strategies. If not, you’ll only rank lower.

After carefully analyzing your competitors and identifying the kind of keywords you’re going to use, it’s mostly downhill. There. You have to write exquisite content for your landing pages and a few blogs to boost your ranking on Google. Of course, you need to follow many ways and steps to do this kind of strategy, but this is just a whip of what SEO smells like. You could always have professional marketing agencies take over the entire process for you. That would save you a lot of time but might cost you more than expected. 

What Does SEO Have to Do with Sales?

The importance of Search Engine Optimization lies in the on-page SEO you’re writing on your website. However, it doesn’t matter how good your content or how convincing it is if no one can read it. What you need to focus on when it comes to selling products and services is the rich snippet. These small banners are called product Schema that is usually suggested by Google when searching for anything product-related. It will show you some pictures with a small description and price under them. This usually grabs the attention of buyers.

You can even give it a shot yourself. Search for anything product-related like “white shirt” and see how the banner appears with pictures and descriptions like we discussed.

You can create all of these banners and options with the right coding according to the CMS you’re using. Even so, there are a few other small adjustments you should consider when optimizing your content. You see, you want your visitors to trust your website when they click your link. To build that trust, you need to provide your products’ price, review, and availability in the description underneath your website link. In other words, off-page SEO is essential as well. This way, clients won’t get discouraged when they open the website to find out of stock. Reviews and prices will also encourage consumers to make a split decision at first sight of your link. 

There’s Coding Involved?

You might think that you need to be a web developer to do this job for you. Actually, most CMS’s do the entire coding for you while you only have to add text for your websites. However, adding those rich snippets or product schema that we’ve talked about on Google could require adding some codes to the software. You don’t need to be a web developing genius to add these simple codes for revealing the price, review, availability, and picture on your product. However, you could have professionals take care of your entire process.

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